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Club Manager Incentives

Search America By Harvey M. Weiner, Managing Partner
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Club manager incentives become increasingly important in competitive times.  Effective incentive programs should enhance individual and collective performance while recognizing exceptional achievement.  Effective management strategies:

  • Are realistically attainable, however difficult.  Don’t establish impossible, frivolous, or just “nice-to-have” goals.  Incentives must focus on something everyone agrees is important.
  • Clearly define goals, both short- and long-term.
  • Establish dates by which accomplishment will be evaluated.
  • Leave nothing to the board’s discretion. Discretionary incentives are undignified, like tossing a tip to management, and are frequently based on either the most recent or most memorable individual events rather than sustained, constructive accomplishment.
  • Pay off within a reasonable time following close of the accomplishment period. An effective reward closely tracks the success on which it was predicated. Accomplishments have a way of quickly becoming “the new normal,” no longer worthy of a bonus in the eyes of those who have forgotten the way it was, or who was responsible for the improvement.  Imagine being thanked for something you did six months ago.
  • Do nothing to jeopardize trust between the parties.  If it’s earned, pay up.
  • Pay off only for supplemental financial results or other quantifiable improvement.
  • Make sense to all participants, including those who do not qualify for a payout.
  • Are easily explained in 30 seconds or less, absolutely no more than a single page.
  • Avoid creating divisiveness between employees.  Competition can be healthy. Cooperating toward a common goal is productive.  Be fair.  Be sure that all those responsible for change also share in the reward.
  • Recognize that envy is destructive.  If two teams compete have a first and second prize but never reward lack of effort.
  • Provide ongoing feedback.
  • Provide incremental payouts as milestones are reached.
  • Encourage improvement.
  • Move the goalpost after each incentive period is closed.
  • Provide an incentive of value.
  • Avoid paying group incentives to everyone, even those tangentially involved. You will disappoint and lose your best individual producers, retaining only the mediocre.
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